Grand Prix Chimique 2019 Hungary


Grand Prix Chimique in Debrecin!

On Wednesday 23rd October we started our journey to Debrecin in Hungary to join the Grand Prix Chimique Competition 2019. First to Vienna and afterwards additionally 6hours across Hungary by train - a long way to go while Niklas and Lukas were playing yogyo and chess. The teacher was sitting next to them wondering. The next day we experienced a warm welcome within the opening ceremony in the Deri Museum and the two Austrian students held their national presentation. A lab tour in the vocational school of chemistry completed the day activities. Then on Friday the competition finally started with the analytical task for Lukas and Niklas. 8 hours with volumetric and photometric analysis of different samples were challenging - especially the calculations were really tricky. After a short night on Saturday the preparative task was waiting. Another 8 hours with synthesis and cleaning the raw Grignard product. The evaluation of the final TLC-plate was a big moment for them. Sunday was fun day and all competitors and experts visited the Hungarian Puszta National Park, where we got nice impressions of the nature there. In the evening the award ceremony took place and finally Niklas and Lukas were awarded really good ratings by their experts.

Niklas Peter, Schrei Lukas 5aCB
Franc Berktold